Why Ride?

Beacuse it is great for the body and the mind while being gentle on the Knees and joints. The benefits and reasons are countless,
whether you chose to commute, join the local bunch ride or shred the trails it's a great way to socialise, keep fit, explore where you live or see the world.

The Right Bike...

From your unique body shape to your personal riding preferences, there isn’t one women’s bicycle that fits all. Fortunately we have a variety of options, for beginners and competitors, for the road and the dirt that have all been designed and refined specifically for you. Our team will help you choose the bike that fits you best and suits your needs.

From head to toe...

There is more to cycling apparel then meets the eye it has many unique features, including jerseys with rear pockets (to keep essentials in an easy to reach place) and gloves with gel padding to reduce pressure on your ulnar nerve and improve circulation. One very import and sometimes overlooked is the value of a good qualty pair of cycling shorts which will provide much more comfort. Our women’s cycling apparel also features this season’s hottest colors and most flattering fits. From tops and gloves to socks and shoes, we have the gear designed for your body and your style.

Not just a Saddle...

One of the most impotant parts to a comfortable ride is having the correct saddle. Despite popular belief more isn’t better when it comes to padding and comfort
for bike saddles. With the help of our trained team and a wide range of women specific designed saddles you will be riding more comfortable in no time.

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